About Us

The company started as an idea, then taking part-time courses to learn 'how' to design and build things, followed by taking a huge leap of faith, just before the global pandemic took over the world as we know it.  

We have now proudly delivered over 11,000 rewards to thousands of happy app users and business customers. We'll continue to learn with you, and help build what you need to create the biggest impact possible. 

WHy the name?

Bravera is a combination of the words Brave & Era    

In order to make impactful changes, you need to be BraveThe world has changed and we must adapt to change. Making significant changes (and staying committed to them) requires being brave. 

After making Brave decisions that promote change can we start a new Era. We've certainly entered a new era. One in which people take their health more seriously and want to feel more connected in a changed world.

Our Values

Our values are incredibly important to us. They help us build the right team to achieve our mission. Our core values are:

  • Be Human: Working together to be the best version of ourselves. 
  • Be Brave: Empower people to change themselves and the world around them.  
  • Create Impact: Great things start small. A movement is when people move as one. 
Be Brave - Bravera
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Our Story

In early 2017, Founder and CEO, Alyn Watkins, saw that there were few services that connected people to rewards for being healthy (apart from those linked to large retail chains or linked to private health insurance). He saw the interest people had in being incentivised to exercise, and decided to test the idea. Soon afterwards, he lost his job at a startup in loyalty and promotions (read more here) and decided he wanted to focus on more healthy rewards. 

Three years later, after working on the project part-time, bootstrapping, he went full time on Bravera in February 2020, just as the global pandemic was about to change the world. With the emphasis on connecting people together in a healthy way while also encouraging spend in the local / regional economy, we believe the timing is right for Bravera.