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Any smartphone. Anywhere. Anytime. 

Bravera works with any iPhone (and Apple Watch) through Apple Health.

Apple Health can be automatically turned into points each time you open the Bravera app. 


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On Android, we've created our own Bravera tracker that turns walking and running activities into points. We also connect with Google Fit. 




Use a GPS watch connected to Strava? No problem.

Bravera also connects with Strava to turn activities into points for discount rewards, too. 


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Turn walk/run distance into discount rewards

The Bravera app will auto-sync to check how far you've walked/run since the last time you opened the app. Plus, there's a convenient 'sync' button to double check you're up to date. 

Walking and running distance will be calculated into points that can be used for perks and rewards.


Build a points balance

Walking and running are some of the best forms of exercise you can do ... and they're free! You can explore your neighbourhood, improve your health, and also earn points to get rewards with local businesses in your area. 

You could be earning points for rewards with local businesses every time you go outdoors and exercise!

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Check what's nearby

Connect Check our map to see what offers and groups are nearby that you can redeem rewards, and connect with. 

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