How do I sign up?

Download Bravera from Apple app store (here) or Google Play (here).  

How do I track walk and run activity?

We connect with Apple Health on iPhone or Google Fit on Android to calculate your walk and run distance. At a click of a button your progress is calculated and points awarded!

Convenient and straight forward.

How are points calculated?

Each kilometre is 10 points, or, 16 points per mile.

do you count steps?

After a long time researching and testing we noticed that steps were just not that accurate. Think about it, someone runs 5km but has a long stride versus someone that that has short steps and walks around the block a few times … they may end up with a similar around of ‘steps’!

We want to encourage people to move more but also go further and go the distance!

Can I take multiple challenges at once?

Yes. Bravera allows you to ‘earn’ up to 3 reward offers at a time. While you’re ‘earning’ the rewards, any points you earn through activity will ALSO be converted into points!

How do I get rewards?

You can either ‘buy’ rewards with points (if you have enough points) or take a challenge to unlock your rewards. For on-location rewards (e.g. F&B location and retail outlets), where you physically redeem / pick up your reward, you’ll receive a QR code. Live rewards plus suggested sustainable businesses can be found on the ‘near me’ map view within the app.

SOON (in April 2020), we are also adding online rewards! You can convert your healthy activity and support business offering sustainable products and / or services directly to you. This is because a lot of sustainable startups / SME’s cannot yet afford brick and mortar stores. Plus, with social distancing being enforced in much of the world, e-commerce and delivery of goods and services is becoming an essential service offering.

Do I have to pay?

Bravera is free to download and use!

It is FULL of great free features to get you going on your journey! In-app upgrades will be available in the near future. 

Who is eligible to participate?

Bravera is open to anyone over 12 years of age and interested in moving to stay fit and healthy plus making an impact on the world.

Can I integrate a third party wearables that or apps?

Apart from Apple Health and Google Fit, we accept Strava run activities (as long as they are connected to Apple Health or Google Fit).

Connecting Strava to Apple Health

Strava and Google Fit

Is it only restricted to walking & running? Can I use other activities or workouts?

Coming soon … the ability to log indoor workouts. At this time, Bravera allows tracking of walk and run data. However, the world has changed dramatically since COVID-19! We will be allowing the logging of manual (indoor, gym etc) workouts SOON!

Can I get others involved?

Yes! AND you get extra points for inviting friends! 

How do you use my data?

We do not share your individual walk and run data with any third parties. Any activity data is used to be converted into points or to ‘earn’ rewards, only.  

What if have any issues?

If you’re experiencing issues please email support@bravera.co for support.