What is Bravera?

Bravera combines social fitness with causes (individual, group, non-profit) for social good, empowering you to move with purpose. We break down your fitness challenge into milestones along a cause journey, creating story for you and others to follow. Peer to peer pledges are released when milestones are hit, directly to a cause. Basically, get fit and give back. Simple.

What does 'Milestones that Matter' mean? (Social media #milestonesthatmatter).

Research has proven that setting milestones without meaning or in isolation are seldom met (as high as 92% failure rate!). When sign-up for a challenge with Bravera and get supporters to pledge money against your distance milestones, those milestones matter!

Bravera offers something simple yet powerful – allowing users to select a cause, create their own fitness challenge (on launch this will be GPS-drive data for walking, hiking, running, and cycling).

Your activity data from partner fitness tracking apps and IoT wearables will synchronize automatically with your Bravera challenge after each activity has been completed, progress updated on our profile and, when you reach any milestones during the challenge or hit your final challenge goal, the funds pledged by yourself and / or peers will be automatically released to the cause you support.

What non-profits and causes do you support?

We endeavour to get as many non-profits anc causes signed up as possible. The list is always evolving as word spreads about Bravera and enquiries come in. We currently support causes focused on children, elderly, refugees, education, health, protection of young women, stopping modern slavery, and many others. You can see the list of current live partners on our challenge sign-up section.   

How do the charities get donations?

Bravera partners with a secure and trusted global payment partner to release peer to peer cause donations only when milestones are reached by each individual participant. Automatic payments are triggered by actual fitness data from individuals’ partner fitness apps and /or IoT wearable devices. In coming months, we will be developing our own smartphone app with the ability to offer direct to use fitness data from a Bravera application from your smartphone.



How do I sign up?

This is the easy part. We’ve made accepting a challenge very easy. All you need to do is:-

  1. Find the Challenge that appeals to you (or has been sent to you by someone)

  2. Accept the challenge

  3. Set your donation milestone requests

  4. Connect to activity tracking app (we currently support data from social fitness app Strava)

  5. Set personal donations against your milestones and / or send direct to peers for sponsorship.

  6. Go out and start running, walking, hiking, cycling to reach your milestones and get funds released to the cause of your choice.   

(Note: If you’ve not got a Strava account yet don’t worry - it is easy to set-up and account and download onto your Smartphone on the App Store or on Google Play).


Is there a sign up/registration fee if I want to participate?

No, there is no registration fee when signing up to participate. However, we do strongly encourage you to get supporters to pledge funds against your distance milestones, in order to create milestones that matter! You can also support the cause yourself and donate against your own milestones.


Who is eligible to participate?

Bravera is open to anyone over 16 years of age and interested in moving for a good cause! By signing-up, all participants confirm they are over 16 years of age.

Please Click Here to be taken to the registration form and we will get back to you shortly.  


How much money should I raise? Is there a minimum or maximum goal?

There is no minimum or maximum goal required when raising funds for the charity, but you are encouraged to create a target that pushes you and encourages you to get support (and accountability) from family, friends, colleagues etc!


Do I need a third party fitness tracker to participate?

For the time being, yes. We currently work with Strava fitness data (www.strava.com) which connects to a lot of other popular fitness apps and wearables. (e.g. Garmin, Polar, FitBit). It is easy to find Strava on the App Store or on Google Play). In the coming months we will increase the amount of partners and devices supported by Bravera.  


Can I integrate a third party wearable that is supported by Strava?

Yes! Strava integrates with selected models for Garmin, FitBit, Polar, Suunto, Apple Watch, Samsung, and more … please click here for an article on this.

Why is there an ‘initial donation’ or ‘kickstarter’ instead of all activity milestones releasing donations?

This is a platform that aims to add fun and fitness to fundraising, but we still want to ensure a minimum amount of funding is delivered to the cause, and also encourages the users to start moving! Think of the first donation as a ‘nudge’ to get the participants moving. Have you ever tried to start a campaign on another social crowdfunding site and it stays on $0.00 for a long time? It is not inspiring! (This is sometimes a reason why others don’t donate for a cause that has $ 0.00 on the landing page and why we give you the option to donate / support yourself).

On each individual challenge page, Bravera will show a summary of the challenge totals and amount raised and pledged (outstanding) for a cause. Individual activities will be listed on the participants’ Strava activities page (or in future, partner fitness apps). In order to allow others to see activities linked to Bravera challenges, participants should allow their 3rd party fitness app account to be ‘public’.


How will my donors know if I have reached my milestones?

Once you have created a profile on the Bravera platform, you are required to use a fitness tracking app to connect to the Strava app. Your fitness data will then be updated on our website after each completion of activity on Strava. It may take a minute or two for the summary page to update, but it will soon after each activity. Additionally, we will send out an email of confirmation to your donors just before each milestone is reached and when you complete the challenge.


Are the donations automatically transferred over when I reach my milestone?

Bravera partners with a global payment partner that manages LL payment transactions.  Once participants reach activity milestones confirmed by the GPS activity data payments will be released automatically to the bank account provided by the charity. Any credit or debit details are encrypted by our global payment partner, Bravera does not receive or store any card data.


What non-profit organizations can I support by taking a challenge?

Currently, Bravera is building its network of databases of non-profit organizations  and causes to support. This list will continue to grow as word spreads about Bravera. If you’d like to nominate a charity, or even work for a charity and want to register with our platform, please enquire here.


Is it only restricted to walking, hiking, running and cycling? Can I play a sport (ex. tennis, soccer)

At the moment, we support distance related data, (outdoor activities linked to GPS distance tracking: walking hiking, running, cycling). However, if you wish to do an activity like, say, rollerblading, paddle boarding, or anything else linked to distance, you can do so, but just ensure that the fitness tracker is set to either ‘walk, hike, run, or cycle’ in order for the data to be transferred to Bravera.

We will support more metrics and exercises soon!


Is there a set time for me to walk in order for my miles to count?

Upon the launch, our program is designed to allow you to start the challenge ‘now’ or an immediate challenge, ‘tomorrow’ at 6AM the next day, or next ‘on Friday’ the same week. We don't offer a chance to select a date in a calendar, research shows most will select a convenient date too far away - this won't create the incentive you need to succeed! (We're here to help you!).


Can I get others involved?

Yes. Please do! Once you accept a challenge you’ll get a link to your landing page and the link will also be inside the confirmation email. Post your challenge link on social media and send in emails - anything you can to spread the word. Don't forget to tag us in your pictures and used hashtags #bravera #braveraco #braverachallenge #milestonesthatmatter

Remember though, more will follow your lead if you show you’re invested in the challenge as well by making a donation yourself! It is that important to also set the standard and show an example. The more you invite, the more you fundraise so make sure you invite as many as you can.


What if my activities are not being updated on my Bravera challenge?

Short answer is, they should be. But, we are sorry this is happening. If you’re experiencing issues please email admin@bravera.co for support.


Donors / Supporters

Are there any surcharges when pledging a donation?

There will be no extra charges beyond the amount you pledged. Currently: MOST social crowdfunding sites work on revenue from “transaction fees”. Bravera receives a 6% fee from each pledged donation amount; in order to provide quality services and continuous development for this product. Why do we need this? Unlike other social crowdfunding sites, this is more complex, more moving parts, and it requires funding to work.

In addition, the payment gateway (online payment) provider takes a fee per transaction, also. This is an unfortunate standard to accept in order to support global digital payments.


All donations funds (excluding the fees) will be directly transferred to the charity.

Examples are below based on current currencies supported by Bravera.


Bravera Fee 6%

Payment Gateway 2.9% + 0.30¢

e.g. A donation of USD 100 would have 8.9% + 0.30¢ fee applied 

Net donation received from USD 100 donation = USD 90.8¢ 


Bravera Fee 6%

Payment Gateway 1.4% + 0.25¢

e.g. A donation of EUR 100 would have 7.4% + 0.25¢ fee applied 

Net donation received from EU 100 donation = EUR 92.35¢ 

EUR (Non-EU Cards)

Bravera Fee 6%

Payment Gateway 2.9% + 0.25¢

e.g. A donation of EUR 100 would have 8.9% + 0.25¢ fee applied 

Net donation received from EU 100 donation = EUR 90.85¢ 


Bravera Fee 6%

Payment Gateway 1.4% + 0.20p

e.g. A donation of GBP 100 would have 7.4% + 0.20p fee applied 

Net donation received from GBP 100 donation = GBP 92.40p

GBP (Non-GB Cards) 

Bravera Fee 6%

Payment Gateway 2.9% + 0.20p

e.g. A donation of GBP 100 would have 8.9% + 0.20p fee applied 

Net donation received from GBP 100 donation = GBP 90.90p


Bravera Fee 6%

Payment Gateway 3.4% + 2.35¢

e.g. A donation of HKD 100 would have 9.4% + 2.35¢ fee applied 

Net donation received from HKD 100 donation = HKD 88.25¢

Why do you say ‘keep Bravera caffeinated’ add add a small fee onto a support donation pledge?

Glad you asked! We stay up LATE many nights making this product work. To date, this is a 100% self-funded project and our founding team would like funds to buy a coffee from time to time (or even put it towards the platform if people buy us too many cups!). Is that so bad? You think it is too much, event offensive? Sorry, you’re free to remove it when editing your support donation pledge amounts. We won’t get offended, we promise.  


How can I cancel a transaction?

We hope you do not decide to do this! However, if you want to do so, please do send us an email at admin@bravera.co and we can investigate and find a resolution.   


How will I know if the participant I supported reaches a goal / milestone?

We are as excited as you are! And we hope that you will check the participants’ landing page frequently to check on progress throughout the challenge! We will also send you email notification from time to time of his / her progress … and even if he / she is behind! (for you to then give some support!)


Do I get the full amount I donated back if my sponsor didn’t reach their milestones?

Unless a participant actually ‘hits’ a milestone and the activity data confirms this, and triggers a payment, your credit card is not charged. However, if a participant did not reach all milestones, we will send you a notification with an option to make-up the missing pledged amounts, this is an  option with no payment necessary, of course.


I represent a charity

How do I sign up?

I want to set-up a challenge, I’m a charity / cause

Great! We’d love to hear from you and help you get an engaging challenge going. Please Click Here to be taken to the registration form and we will get back to you shortly.

Can my organization collaborate with Bravera if we are not a registered non-profit?

Please do keep in contact with us. send us an email at admin@bravera.co and we will keep you updated if there are any changes in the future!

How much does it cost to register a non-profit or organisation?

Currently, we do not charge charities any registration fee to become part of our growing network. We’d love to hear from you and help you get an engaging challenge going. Please Click Here to be taken to the registration form and we will get back to you shortly.  



How can I Partner with Bravera?

We’re really excited to know you’re interested in being a potential. Please email admin@bravera.co with the email title ‘Partner Enquiry’ and we will get back to you shortly.

Didn't get your question answered? Not a problem! We look forward to hearing from you!

For further comments & inquiries, please feel free to contact us at admin@bravera.co.