Move more, connect with others, and get rewarded. 


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Points into perks

There is a strong desire to support the local economy and small businesses. With Bravera, you can unlock discount perks with both local businesses and those further away, both online and offline. If there's a local business champion you'd like to recommend, simply tell us and we'll start a conversation with them!

Teamwork and Connecting Freepik


88% of consumers feel closer to their local communities since the pandemic. The future work / life balance will be a combination of remote and office work. This means you'll be spending more time in your local area. 

With Bravera, you can connect with family, friends, compare stats, chat, compete on our leaderboard. 

If you're part of a company / organisation and want a private experience, you can recommend our Bravera Engagement Console to decision makers within your organisation. 


'move' more.

Walking and running are some of the best forms of exercise you can do ... and they're free! Hit your daily distance and points goals and get motivated by your peers to do so.  

You could be connecting with others and also earning points for rewards with local businesses every time you go outdoors and exercise!


Help the environment.

Not only does walking more help your health, replacing one or more commutes per week reduces your carbon emissions. Walking, hiking, running on a more regular basis will dramatically improve your fitness and prevent future health issues.  

Plus, buying local reduces the carbon footprint of produce that has been transported from far away, helps employ local workers, and supports local producers. 

Charlotte Taquet


"Great app! Very easy to use and you can unlock rewards without even noticing it! Really Awesome!” 

Charlotte Taquet

Lachlan Barber


“Great app! Functional, nice design, sweet rewards!” 

Lachlan Barber

Midco Cheung - endorsement


“Helps motivate me to move more for rewards. The leaderboard lets me compare with others And I love the VIP rewards within my private group.”

Midco Cheung

Kate Lam - Endorsement

"I enjoy the extra motivation Bravera gives me to reach my fitness goals, connect  me more with my running community and help me discover exciting local products and services."

Kate Lam
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